2018-19 Membership and Promotion Challenges

GG Jen and AGG Larry have issued TWO challenges to the South Dakota Jobies!

The first: the Social Media Promotion Challenge!  Using #MakingMemories  and  #SDJD post at least one picture each month on Social Media — and our own SDJD web site. 

Did you know you can use chocolate-coated candies to explain Job’s Daughters?

Also, make sure to check out the JDI Spirit challenge from Supreme.  Let’s get our name out there!  (NOTE:  All Members and Bees MUST have a media release form on file for photos to be posted!  Questions?  Contact Grand Guardian Jen or Grand Secretary Toni, PGG.)  

June: Coming Home from Grand

July: Summer Parade (either watching or participating as a Bethel)

August: what JDI or SDJD means to YOU

September: Prospect Party (prospects need media releases, too!)

October: Bethel with other members of the Masonic Family

November: Pierre Bash

December: Bethel helping in the community

January: Wearing Purple

February: Prospect Party( prospects need media releases, too!)

March: celebrating Mother Mick’s birthday

April: Bethel helping in the community

May: Practice for Grand Bethel

Challenge number 2 is all about membership!  We started with 88 Jobies state-wide and we want to see that number GROW!  This year’s Grand Family is ready to reward YOU for helping our order grow.

  • Net gain of 10: Throw a pie at AGG Larry
  • Net gain of 15: Die GG Jen’s hair purple
  • Net gain of 20: Throw a pie at GG Jen
  • Net gain of 25: Die GBHQ Britney’s Hair Purple
  • Net gain of 30: the Men of Job will give the initiation lectures
  • Net gain of 35: splatter paint GBHQ Britney, Miss SDJD Parker, Miss SDJDC Jakia, GG Jen and AGG Larry
  • Net gain of 40: Pudding Game at Grand Bethel
  • Net gain of 50: Midnight Cupcake party at Grand Bethel

Final totals from each Bethel due by May 1, 2019

A PDF with these challenges can be found here, and an M&M explainer can be downloaded here.