Grand Bethel Committee

Committee Members

Bobbie Deuter, PGG

Glen Rice, PAGG

Kyleigh Vanneman, GBHQ

From the by-laws

(c) Grand Bethel Committee
(1) The committee shall be composed of the immediate Past Grand Guardian and Past Associate Grand Guardian and the current Grand Bethel Honored Queen.
(2) The immediate Past Grand Guardian and Past Associate Grand Guardian shall serve as Grand Bethel Guardian and Associate Grand Bethel Guardian, respectively.
(3) The duties of this committee are as follows:
[a] Appoint qualified Majority Members to be in charge of the drawing of the Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives.
[b] Approve or disapprove the Installing Officers for Grand Bethel Installation.
[c] Supervise the Installation of the Grand Bethel Officers and the Representatives according to the Book of Ceremonies adopted by the SGC.
[d] Supervise all meetings and practices of the Grand Bethel.
[e] Supervise the Medallion Committee in receiving and dispensing medallions, and refunding and collecting a deposit.
[f] Prepare seven (7) copies of the names and addresses of all Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives for the following people:
[1] Grand Guardian [5] Grand Bethel Assoc. Guardian
[2] Associate Grand Guardian [6] Grand Bethel Honored Queen
[3] Grand Secretary [7] Grand Bethel Senior Princess
[4] Grand Bethel Guardian
[g] Pre-approve expenses along with the Finance Committee. Itemized bills must be submitted to the Grand Secretary for payment.