Committee Members

Sarah Vanneman-Maskovich, GG
Bobbie Deuter, PGG, GBG
Lyn Neiman, PGG, G. Sec.
Tyler Peoples, AGG Trailer Liaison

From the by-laws

(g) Paraphernalia Committee
(1) The committee shall be composed of three (3) members: The Grand Guardian, Grand Bethel Guardian, and the Grand Secretary who shall be the chairman.
(2) The duties of this committee are as follows:
[a] Work with the Grand Session Committee in displaying paraphernalia during Annual Session.
[b] See that paraphernalia is placed in suitable storage.
[c] See that each committee member shall have a complete inventory list.
[d] Repair or replace such items deemed necessary by the GGC.
(3) The Grand Secretary shall have custody of all paraphernalia from closed Bethels in the jurisdiction.
(4) The chairman shall keep a permanent file which shall be turned over to her/his successor.