Grand Bethel

All members of South Dakota Job’s Daughters:

Please find attached the Call Letter for the 2023 “Elevating One Another” Grand Session of the South Dakota Grand Council and South Dakota Grand Bethel to be held in Pierre, SD, from Sunday, June 11 through Wednesday, June 13, 2023.

Please note that there have been changes to some of the competitions, so please make yourself familiar with those modifications.  If you have questions about specific events or competitions, please use the contact information on pages 2 and 3 to reach out to the chairmen directly.  Also note that you can bring questions to the Annual Meeting on April 1.

The Registration Form will be sent out separately within the next couple of weeks so we ask for your patience while we finalize that document.

Ways and Means will be back this year at Grand and will have a table in the lobby.  We can’t wait to see what’s available for us there!

We plan to kick off Grand Bethel with fun events and keep the fun rolling throughout the session.

Come and celebrate and show us your Jobie Spirit!

Jobie Love,

Sarah Vanneman-Maskovich, Grand Guardian

Tyler Peoples, Associate Grand Guardian

Call Letter

Registration Form

Meal Form