Educational Scholarships

Committee Members

Valori Maher, Vice Grand Guardian, Chair

Bob Carrico, Vice Associate Grand Guardian

Jen Blake, Grand Guardian

Larry Johnson, PAGG, Associate Grand Guardian

Dawn Erk, PGG, Grand Guide

Andy Freese, Grand Inner Guard

Toni Richardson, PGG, Grand Secretary

Sandy Vanneman, PGG, Grand Treasurer

Bobbie Deuter, PGG, Finance Chair

From the by-laws

(b) Educational Scholarships Committee
(1) The committee shall be composed of the Vice Grand Guardian as chairman, Vice Associate Grand Guardian, Grand Guardian, Associate Grand Guardian, Grand Guide, Grand Inner Guard, Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer, and the chairman of the Finance Committee.
(2) The duties of this committee are set forth in Article VIII.
(3) The chairman shall keep a permanent file which shall be turned over to her successor