The Amethyst Award

About the Amethyst Award

The person or persons chosen for this award are VERY special in the Job’s Daughters Family. This award is not to be taken lightly. Those chosen for this award emulate everything that Job’s Daughters represents. Do not be hasty in choosing your candidate for this award. Please make sure that you really feel that your nominee is deserving of this great honor. Your nomination(s) need to be submitted and provided on the nomination form provided. The nomination(s) should be submitted and postmarked by the date listed in the call letter.

The purpose of this award shall be to pay the highest honor of Job’s Daughters to adults in appreciation and recognition of their meritorious and unselfish service in the assistance and support of the International Order of Job’s Daughter in South Dakota

The nominee must be 30 years of age or older, a man or woman who has shown exceptional service to the Order, with at least ten (10) years of service. This excludes the Grand Guardian, Associate Grand Guardian, Vice Grand Guardian, Vice Associate Grand Guardian, Grand Guide, Grand Marshal, Grand Inner Guard and Grand Outer Guard during their terms of office and the work done in that capacity. A Past Grand Guardian or Past Associate Grand Guardian will not be eligible for this award for five (5) years following the completion of their term of office.

Application for this award shall originate through Bethel members on the proper form, which is provided. Applications shall be accompanied by a resume of qualifications of the proposed nominee, giving good and sufficient reason why they should be considered for this award. The application, along with a fee amounting to the current cost of the award must be forwarded to the committee chairman by the date listed in the Call Letter. If the award is denied, the fee shall be returned.

Contact the Grand Secretary regarding the current cost of the award. The knowledge of who has been nominated and who has been approved to receive the award shall be kept strictly confidential within the committee.

AMETHYST AWARD CEREMONY: The Amethyst Award will be presented at Formal Opening on the date listed in the Call Letter, if we have recipients.

Amethyst Award Recipients

1995 Member of Honor Margaret Seaver, Rapid City
Jim Turnbull, PAGG Sioux Falls
1996 Gladys Pullins, PGG Hot Springs
Ruby Reckling, Winner
Uncle Matt, PAGG Pierre
1997 June M Brown, Rapid City
1998 Nadine Long, Rapid City
1999 Delpha Hinman, PSG Sioux Falls
Mary Carey, PGG Rapid City
2000 Sharon Dede, PGG Sioux Falls
Maxine McPhearson, PGG Sturgis
Bill Carey, PAGG Rapid City
2001 Claudette Tami, Deadwood
Carol White, PGG Aberdeen
2002 Phyllis Mikkelsen, Huron
Juanita Willis, PGG Chamberlain
2003 Jo Mitchell, PGG Pierre

Faye Kennedy, Belle Fourche

Lorraine Vigoren, Belle Fourche

Margot Burton, Rapid City

Don Salmon, Rapid City

2004 Francis Cleveland, Belle Fourche
Durwin Hoff, PAGG Sioux Falls
2005 Eugene Leao, PAGG Brookings
Noreen Leao, PBG Brookings
Gary Ohnstad, PAGG Sioux Falls
Jo Green, PBG Winner
2008 Mona Kotas, PGG Huron
Dennis White PAGG Aberdeen
2010 Sally Richardson, PGG Pierre
2011 Richard McCauley, PBG Sioux Falls
Neil Kotas, PAGG Huron
Cindy Lax, Deadwood
2012 Karen Willis, Chamberlain
2013 Linette Batterman, PBG Belle Fourche
Sandra Vanneman, PGG Pierre
2014 Lillie Palmer, PGG Winner
Larry Johnson, PAGG Sioux Falls