Fraternal Relations

Committee Members

Tyler Peoples, AGG

Matt Johnson, VAGG

Bob Carrico, PAGG, G Inner Guide

Todd Knutson, G Outer Guide

From the by-laws

(d) Fraternal Relations Committee
(1) The committee shall be composed of the four (4) following elected line officers: Associate Grand Guardian, Vice Associate Grand Guardian, Inner Guard and Outer Guard.
(2) The duties of this committee are as follows
[a] Contact and maintain liaison with the officers and members of the Masonic Fraternity and its appendant and related organizations in the state to enlist support for Bethels of Job’s Daughters International
[b] Assist the Promotion Committee in its efforts to institute Bethels where permission for use of Masonic Temples is essential.
[c] The Associate Grand Guardian shall serve as Chairman and keep a permanent file which shall be turned over to his successor.