Ways and Means

Committee Members

2023: Kim Miles

2024: Kim Miles


From the by-laws

(j) Ways and Means Committee
(1) The committee shall be composed of four (4) members consisting of the Grand Guardian, the Vice Grand Guardian, one (1) member of the Board of Trustees and one (1) appointee. The appointee shall serve as the Chairman.
(2) The committee shall plan and promote sources of revenue for the GGC related only to the current year’s session sales And the Ways and Means sales during the Grand Bethel.
(3) The chairman shall keep a permanent file which shall be turned over to her/his successor.
(4) Maintain a record of all income and expenses incurred during the year to be audited by the Audit Committee at the first meeting held after the Annual Session of the GGC. All invoices and voucher shall be presented for payment to the Grand Secretary within 30 days of receipt and in accordance with procedures established by the Board of Trustees.