About Job’s Daughters

Fun, Friendship, Leadership, Education and Community…

Job’s Daughters plan and share many fun activities. Swimming, parties, dances, family picnics, marching in parades and travel are just a few of the activities we enjoy. Participating in meetings and activities enables our members to establish lifelong friendships with girls nearby and around the world, who share similar interests. Your new friends in Job’s Daughters will always support you as you journey together improving yourselves and the world around you.

As a member of Job’s Daughters, you can learn skills that will help you meet life’s challenges. Job’s Daughters is a self-governing group. Each Bethel elects an Honored Queen and Line Officers to lead them for a 6-month term. By holding various offices in Job’s Daughters, you will gain valuable leadership experience, be part of a team, and learn democratic principles. Important skills are learned by the girls as they take care of finances, plan fundraisers, and of course arrange fun social events, all under the guidance of adult volunteers. Find a Bethel close to you by clicking here.

Each year the organization awards scholarships at the regional and international level to help deserving girls achieve their educational goals. Click here for Scholarship information.

The experience you gain as a member will help you now and in the future. Job’s Daughters learn how to work together to achieve their goals, how to raise money and spend it wisely, how to speak to an audience, the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure and how important community service is to everyone.

Throughout the year, we perform service projects to help our community, the less fortunate, and other charities. We are the only Youth organization that has its own philanthropic project, the Hearing Improvement Kids Endowment (HIKE) Fund, which purchases hearing assistive devices for hearing impaired children.