Appeals & Grievances

Committee Members

2023: Coleen Patmore, Chair

2024: Mona Kotas, PGG

2025: Kathy Sannes, PGG

From the by-laws

(a) Appeals and Grievance Committee
(1) The committee shall be composed of three (3) members. At each Annual Session, one (1) new member shall be appointed or a term of three (3) years.
(2) The duty of this committee is to investigate all appeals, complaints or grievances which may be lawfully filed with it and report its recommendations to the Executive GGC within sixty (60) days after receipt. (See SI 15)
(3) No report shall be made by this committee at the Annual Session.
(4) A member of Appeals and Grievance Committee cannot serve on Jurisprudence Committee.
(5) Spouses and/or immediate family members of Appeals and Grievance Committee may not serve on Jurisprudence Committee