Medallions and Flags

Committee Members

2023: Lisa Russell, PGG

2024: Julie Bartekoske

2025: Kathy Sannes, PGG

From the by-laws

(d) Medallion and Flag Committee

(1) The committee shall be composed of three (3) members. At each Annual Session, one (1) member shall be appointed for three (3) years.

(2) The duties of this committee are as follows:

[a] Oversee medallions for Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives by collecting a payment as medallions are distributed during elections.

[b] Oversee issuance and return of official Grand Bethel Officer medallions that are used during Grand Bethel meetings.

[c] Oversee returning and issuing of Grand Bethel Representatives’ flags and inform Grand Bethel Representatives of their duties.

[d] Repair and replace Grand Bethel medallions and flags as needed.

(3) The chairman shall keep a permanent file which shall be turned over to her/his successor.