Lily of the Valley Award

About the Lily of the Valley Award

“The Lily of the Valley Award is awarded in recognition of outstanding and dedicated service by a Daughter to the International Order of Job’s Daughters.” This award is intended to recognize a Daughter who has remained active and supportive, who has given to the Order in a capacity above and beyond the normal call of duty, and who is an outstanding contributor to the Organization.

1. The Daughter must be a Majority Member of the International Order of Job’s Daughters and be between the ages of 20 and 23.
2. Meeting Attendance: required seven (7) meetings, activities or combination of seven (7) meetings and activities per year (these need not be at her own Bethel) while between the ages of 17 and 23.
3. Grand Session Attendance: required registration and attendance at three (3) Grand Sessions while between the ages of 17 and 23.
4. State Activity Attendance: required attendance at one (1) statewide activity (H.I.K.E, Supreme Visit, etc,) while between the ages of 17 and 23.

1. The Daughter may be nominated for the award by a member of the Executive Bethel Guardian Council, or members of the Bethel may suggest nominations to the Bethel Guardian Council. (see attached form—LILY OF THE VALLEY NOMINATION)
2. The Bethel Guardian or Bethel Guardian Secretary must complete the application form. A fee amounting to the current cost of the medallion must be forwarded with the application. If the award is denied, the fee will be returned. The application must be accompanied by the recommendations of three (3) adults (other than relatives) who are knowledgeable of the Daughter’s qualifications to receive this award. (see attached form—RECOMMENDATION FOR LILY OF THE VALLEY AWARD—YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DUPLICATING THIS FORM)

3. Completed nomination and recommendation forms must be forwarded to the committee chairman and postmarked no later than the date listed in the Call Letter.

The Lily of the Valley will be presented at Formal Opening on the date listed in the Call Letter, if we have recipients.

Lily of the Valley Award Recipients

2000: Melissa Heckel

2000: Virginia Sannes

2000: Jessica Richardson

2001: Crystal Lax

2002: Bobbi Hix

2002: Morgan Miles

2003: Rebecca Meyers

2004: Renae Kotas

2004: Mandy Youngers

2004: Carrie Gonsor

2005: Erin Vanneman

2005: Chandra DeSimone

2005: Carrie Lax

2006: Katrina Dunham

2007: Britany Gonsor

2007: Heather Batterman

2007: Staci Johnson

2007: Larissa Neiman

2009: Kayla Erk

2009: Amber Johnson

2012: Krista Greer