Degree of Royal Purple

About the Degree of Royal Purple

GENERAL INFORMATION: “The Royal Purple Degree is a recognition of a person’s dedication to Job’s Daughters, not a recognition of achievements of one’s self.” The Degree honors Majority Members “who have been especially generous in dedicating their time and efforts to promoting their Bethels and the International Order of Job’s Daughters.” (Taken from the Royal Purple Degree Ceremony.)

1. The Daughter must be a Majority member at least twenty-three (23) years of age at the time of her nomination by the Bethel Guardian Council or a member of the Executive Grand Guardian Council.

2. The Daughter must be nominated for the Degree by the Executive members of the Bethel Guardian Council or a member of the Executive Grand Guardian Council without her knowledge. The Daughters of her Bethel may recommend her nomination to the Executive members of the Bethel Guardian Council (See attached form—ROYAL PURPLE DEGREE NOMINATION). A fee amounting to the current cost of the medallion must be forwarded with the application. If the award is denied, the fee shall be returned. Contact the Grand Secretary for the current cost of the medallion.

3. The Executive members of the Bethel Guardian Council must secure four (4) written recommendations from responsible adults other than relatives to be written on the form. At least two (2) of the recommendations must be from someone officially connected with Job’s Daughters. Responses to items on nomination forms MUST BE typewritten or printed.

4. Completed nomination and recommendation forms must be forwarded to the Committee Chairman and postmarked no later than the date listed in the Call Letter.

The Degree of Royal Purple will be presented at Formal Opening on the date listed in the Call Letter, if we have recipients.

Degree of Royal Purple Recipients

1982 Myrna Hill
Susie James
1984 Mary Jane Richardson
Susan Jacobson
1985 Ardelle Berglund
1986 Vicky Schroeder
1988 Marlou Audus
1989 Aleen Christofferson
1991 Cyndy DeMers
1992 Chris Lillo
1994 Pam (Engeltjes) Knuth
1995 Tammy (Long) Buehner
Deanna White
1996 Lori (Dede) Fillipi
Barb Hansen
Toni Richardson
1997 Beth Schochenmaier
Marilyn Seymore
Sandy Vanneman
1998 Kari (Loe) Janak
1999 Mona Kotas
Rachael M. DeRycke
Kathy Meyers
2000 Kathryn Sannes
Sarah DeRycke
Jennifer Hoff
2001 Yvonne Warne
Kristine Clark
2002 Dawn Clausen
Joanne Headley
2003 Joann Coady
2004 Amy Christoffels
Nancy Miles
Julia Knutson
Virginia Sannes
2005 Lyn Neiman
Marcia Johnston
2007 Carrie Gonsor
2008 Katrina Dunham
Jill Greer
Gretchen Rux
Jill Trego
2011 Julie Bartekoski
2012 Bobbie (Hix) Deuter
Erin (Vanneman) Schmidt
Angela Willis
2014 Larissa Neiman